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Step 1 : Creating the Head

First of all open CorelDRAW create New Document then go to the "Bezier Tool" in the left toolbar and create a custom shape similar like below (click image to enlarge).

Now go to the "Shape tool" in the left toolbar, click on middle lines between the corners and find "Convert to curve" in the upper toolbar.
Click and drag in order to shape it similar like below.

Using same steps as above apply it to all the lines.

Step 2 : Creating the Face

Like step in above, use "Bezier Tool" and "Shape Tool" make shape similar like below then use "Power Clip" to insert in head.

Then make ears using "Bezier Tool" order it to behind of head using right click then order but before it you must select the ear. Make eyes, nose, mouth and the other using "Bezier Tool" similar like below.

Give color to it for head RGB 125, 122, 139, ears RGB 60, 65, 69, crest RGB 191, 87, 74.

Make elips shape for eye then give color to it RGB 0, 177, 229.

Select that object then use "Power Clip" to insert it to the eye.

Step 3 : Creating the Body and Tail

Make shape for neck using "Bezier Tool" then "Shape Tool" convet it from line to curve then make similiar like below and give color for it same with ears.

Then make shape for body using same technique like above then color it same with head.

Add this shape for foot using same technique like above then color it using same color for crest then use "Power Clip" to insert it to the body.

Then make shape for tail similiar like below then color it same with body order it behind body using right click.

Step 4 : Creating the Shadow

Make shape similiar like below then give color RGB 103, 95, 106 then use "Transparency Tool" and select no outline in "Outline Tool" then use "Power Clip" to insert it to the body.

Make the other shape then use same technique like above for red foot shadow use color RGB 146, 61, 54.

Finish, save file to .cdr or we can save it to .jpg using export.

Download Source File
Source File CorelDRAW 11+

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